Baudouin Series 12M26D792E200 Radiator

1.Core Material:Aluminous or Copper

2.Cold Style: Water-cooled

3.Cooling Water:Industrial Water

4.Ambient temperature:≤60°

5.Application :Generator Set


7.Specification:ISO9001 ISO/TS 16949:2009


1) ISO/TS16949 Certification.

2) One Year Warranty.

3) After-sale Services.

4) OEM & Design Available.

5) Accept Small Orders.

Serial No.



diameter * center high


High * Width * Thickness

Water capacity(L)

Cooling area(M²)

1 12M26D792E200-1Φ1565*1116mm2170*2010*921*649mm        124        239.7
2 12M26D902E200-1Φ1565*1116mm2170*2010*921*649mm        129.4        298.5
3 12M26D902E200-2 50°Φ1565*1116mm2170*2010*921*649mm        134.4        370.4
4 12M33D1210E200-P-2Φ1740*1200mm2397*2110*1074mm        116.7        286.5
5 6160MD628-1Φ1180*892mm1796*1550*750*510mm         56        152
6 6160MD628-2 50°Φ1180*892mm1796*1550*750*510mm         59        184
7 6160SD518-1Φ1090*770mm1604*1250*830*590mm         47.4        105.2
8 6160SD518-2 50°Φ1090*770mm1604*1250*830*590mm         49.6        127.9
9 6M26D447E200-1Φ1155*887mm1738*1508*800*727mm         78.1        145
10 6M26D484E200-2 50°Φ1155*887mm1738*1508*800*727mm         83.3        207
      11 6M33D605E200-2Φ1150*950mm1873*1556*705*470mm        70

Company Description

About Weichuang

WEICHUANG RADIATOR MANUFACTURING CO., LTD started business in 1994, when the company owner and chief administrator set his mind on an ambitious pursuit in the radiator manufacturing and designing industry. Today it finds itself a leading force in the Chinese domestic market.

Specialized in designing and manufacturing radiators and intercoolers for diesel engines, Weichuang supports over 30 world.renowned enterprises, including CUMMINS, CAT, PERKINS, DAEWOO, HYUNDA, KUBOTA, HITACHI, DRUTZ and STYER.

With over a decade’s experience in producing and innovating radiator products, Weichuang has become the standard setter for radiator technology in China, and was invited by famous engine factories to participate in designing and making the standard radiator for their new engines. As one of the biggest radiator manufacturers now in China, Weichuang has a daily output of 300 radiator sets. 

To keep innovating, the company has acquired technological support by the Graduate student Workstation of Nanjing University of Technology, along with Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The joint effort has resulted in 40 national patents under the Weichuang’s name. 

Quality, innovation and respect have always been at the heart of Weichuang’s spirit. Weichuang will continue delivering to its customers value exceeding its price. 

Type:Baudouin Series
From:Jiangsu Weichuang Radiator Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Baudouin Series 12M26D792E200 Radiator


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